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Here you find both our pastor's articles as published in our newsletter, The Beacon, as well as her very own blog entries.

Sep 30

The Kids Invade the Pastor’s Desk

  Instead of my usual article I have decided I’m going to switch things up.  I’m going to let the kids ask the questions and… let Pastor Ed answer them instead.  Let’s see what interesting questions the kids had in mind. Ivy E.- How much do you love god? “Lots.  However, what is more important …

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Jul 01

From the Pastor’s Desk: The Happiest Place on Earth?

We drove into the city limits of Orlando in the midst of the twilight. The sun was barely setting and the lights of the city were just coming on. In my heart, I knew I needed to be excited. We were on our way to the happiest place on earth, after all. I have no …

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Jun 01

From the Pastor’s Desk: Lip-Syncing Life

If you watch Jimmy Fallon, you’ve probably seen it. Lip Sync Battle. Yes, you read that correctly – Lip Sync Battle – and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. It started as a small, playful segment on Jimmy Fallon. He would challenge celebrity guests to a lip sync battle. Each of them had …

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May 01

From the Pastor’s Desk: Asked and (Hopefully) Answered

Last month, during one my sermons, I gave everyone an opportunity to ask whatever questions were on your minds about faith, the Bible, God, pretty much anything you wanted to ask. As I went through the questions, I was blown away by the depth of thought that went into them, despite not having a ton …

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Mar 31

From the Pastor’s Desk: Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and the Resurrection

Every year around this time, my emotional state is exactly the same—unyielding, unabashed HOPE. Every year when the calendar ticks over to April, my heart begins to wonder, to hope, to believe that this could be the year. This could be the year when the baseball season doesn’t leave me a complete and total wreck …

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Feb 28

From the Pastor’s Desk: Could This Really Be True?

Yesterday evening, I found myself in conversation with about 15 other pastors from different denominations, and at some point, our conversation turned to the way the world perceives the church, how Christians are seen by other Christians, by nonbelievers, by questioners, by the curious, by the agnostic and atheistic. Into the din of our conversation, …

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