Yearly Archive: 2015

Jul 30

Let’s Be Real

This morning I had breakfast with some colleagues from the Red Lion ministerium.  We had set up this meeting because we had business we needed to discuss, but as we sat there, we realized that that conversation simply wasn’t going to happen.  It wasn’t going to happen because one of our colleagues has had a …

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Jul 21

We’re Back!!

After a fantastic week in Detroit–we are back safe and sound.  In the coming weeks, you will be hearing from our group about what we experienced at the gathering, but until then here are a few pictures from our trip! Read more […]

Jun 30

From the Pastor’s Desk: A Time to “Rise Up”

It is almost that time. National Youth Gathering time!! By the time you all read this article, we will only be a week and a half away from piling together in a 12-passenger van and heading out to Detroit for a week of service, fellowship, prayer, and hopefully at least a little bit of fun. …

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May 31

From the Pastor’s Desk: Life Amongst the “Nones”

Some of you might have seen recently an article that was published by the Pew Research Center describing the current landscape of religion in America. Every time a religious survey like this is published, it tends to be all over the news, because more often than not they are used to describe how life in …

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Apr 30

From the Pastor’s Desk: Weed, Plant, Tend, Grow

I will fully admit that gardening is not something that I tend to do well. The green thumbs of our family are hoarded quite intently by my grandmother, whose gardens are always a thing of incomprehensible beauty, and my oldest sister, who always claims it takes more effort than necessary, but makes it look effortless. …

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Mar 31

From the Pastor’s Desk: Time to Roll the Windows Down

Have you ever had that moment when a song you haven’t heard in eons, but love intensely, comes on the radio? All you can do is roll down the windows and crank up the sound, letting it wash over you, reveling in the memories it brings to your mind, overjoyed at this momentary pause of …

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