Monthly Archive: February 2016

Feb 28

From the Pastor’s Desk: Could This Really Be True?

Yesterday evening, I found myself in conversation with about 15 other pastors from different denominations, and at some point, our conversation turned to the way the world perceives the church, how Christians are seen by other Christians, by nonbelievers, by questioners, by the curious, by the agnostic and atheistic. Into the din of our conversation, …

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Feb 01

From the Pastor’s Desk: Journeying Through Lent Together

Journey to Easter

Forty Days. Six weeks. A time to wander through the wilderness. A time to explore your faith. A time to get through until Easter arrives. However you think about it, there is no stopping the reality that Lent is upon us, rather earlier than it usually is. Usually, it feels like after Christmas, we have a little …

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