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Our Interim Pastor Ed Robbins

Pastor Ed Robins, Sept. 18, 2016

Pastor Ed Robins, Sept. 18, 2016

As we step forward into my time of interim with you who are Grace Lutheran Church I have been asked to share some information about me. My wife Barbara and I have lived at our home at 3805 Silver Spur Drive, York, P A, since December 2003 when I began my third call as a minister of Word and Sacrament to Zion, Glen Rock. My prior two calls were in the Southwest PA Synod, 2 and y,; years at First Lutheran Church, Leechburg, Armstrong County, PA, and 10 and Y2 years at Oak Grove Lutheran Church in New Sewickley Township, Beaver County, PA (located very near to Zelienople PA, north of Pittsburgh).

I am a graduate of the Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg where I enrolled in 1986 and from which I graduated in 1990. I also have a Master’s Degree in Social Work, obtained from the University of Pittsburgh in 1974. The social work aspect of my vocational life involves work as a caseworker in Lancaster County Child Welfare before receiving my MSW and then after receiving my MSW working for Summit County (Akron Ohio) Children and Youth Services, two mental health outpatient programs in western P A, and for almost 5 years as the family therapist on the Adolescent Chemical Dependency Unit of the now defunct St. Francis Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a veteran of the Viet Nam war -31 st ENG BN HHC, Phuoc Vinh, attached to 1st Cav; night radio operator.

I was baptized as an infant in a Roman Catholic context and by age 5, at the mutual decision of my dad and mom, was raised as a Lutheran by the two of them, my mom having been the Irish Catholic girl from Pittsburgh and my dad the Lutheran boy from Aspinwall (north of Pittsburgh). I disengaged from the life of the church after graduation from Thiel College and returned to church some years after college graduation when I began work at St Francis Hospital.

Barbara and I have one child, our daughter Mary Ann. Mary Ann is married to Jeff Linder, and they have a son, Carter, who will be 6 years old in December of this year. They have lived in the Metro DC area for a decade or more, and currently live in Fairfax VA where they very recently purchased their first home, a town home. Both Mary Ann and Jeff work for associations in Alexandria V A. Barbara and I love being grandparents! ! Barbara, now fully retired from the association at which she worked is a York County Master Gardener. In addition to a deep love of gardening, Barb also enjoys knitting, a relatively new endeavor, reading, and keeping up with two of her sisters who live elsewhere in the states.

In my life as a parish pastor in the two synods in which I have served I have also served on various synod committees, and in each synod I have served on a board, in SWP A I served on the Glade Run Lutheran Services Board for almost 8 years; and for six years here in the Lower Susquehanna Synod I served on the LAMPa Policy Council. In both synods I have served as conference secretary – in SWPA (one year), and in Lower Susquehanna I served for 6 years in the South York Conference.· Since the spring of 2012 I have served as the dean of the South York Conference. For the past year I have volunteered as the secretary of the South York Food Pantry.

When not involved in the work of my vocation I keep our cars clean (depending on the frequency of rain and snow) and waxed, I love to read, I do some exercise, and tend to the yard mowing -NOT the gardening -at our home. My treasured activities are cooking, some baking, driving (yes, driving! I), and working in my basement “shop”. My most recent completed project is a cherry wood topped art table with a poplar wood “skirt” (and pull out end drawers) made for friends living in Massachusetts. I have produced two, somewhat different, chests of drawers, one for Carter, and one for Mary Ann and Jeff. Sometimes I just tinker in the basement. And I like to play with the trains I set up on the living room floor of our home for the Christmas holiday.

I preach “extemporaneously” (seldom if ever using a note and never “manuscripted”). I believe I preach biblically. And I find the source and beauty of my religious / spiritual life in the Holy Eucharist (served with different ambiance and character in different contexts but always a wonderful meal), and in prayer and conversation with my brothers and sisters in Christ as well as in conversation with other people (of whatever faith disposition or lack thereof) as I am out and about, or am introduced to them, and in the reading of Holy Scripture. I am curious about people and interested in people and their thoughts and feelings and observations.

NOTE: Our previous pater, Pastor Tina Melusky, left our church on August 31, 2016. For now we leave her short essay here on this web page which she wrote when she started serving our congregation.

Pastor Tina
My name is Tina Melusky, and over the last few months I have been working with your Call Committee on exploring the possibilities of a future ministry together. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in a few weeks, but before that time, I wanted to let you all know a little bit about my family and me. I grew up in southeastern Michigan, just a few miles north of Ohio, but moved to Pennsylvania in order to attend Gettysburg College. I graduated from Gettysburg in 2008 with a degree in psychology, and from there I made a short move through town up to
Gettysburg Seminary. I graduated from seminary last May, and through my four years there I spent time serving in congregations in Mechanicsburg, Dillsburg, as well as Ephrata, where I served my internship year. It was through these experiences that I truly realized how much I love living in Central Pennsylvania, and have come to feel like it is home to me. Throughout my time at seminary, I developed a passion for small town ministry; bred out of the fact that I grew up in a small town, and attended the same congregation my family has for years. I was raised with the idea that your church is your family, and it is there that you develop relationships that are lasting and will bring you through whatever difficulties you might face. It is this love of congregational life that I have experienced over and again throughout my ministries in Pennsylvania.

My time here has brought about more than a love of ministry however; it has also brought me to my husband. My husband and I met on our first day of college, and were married last year in Gettysburg. It was my marriage which brought me to Pittsburgh for the last year. My husband is finishing up his Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh, and due to his need to be in the city for a few more months, I moved to Pittsburgh, where I have been serving in several ministry capacities. The first has been serving as an associate pastor at a suburban church outside of the city, where I have spent most of my time working with their youth and developing small group ministries. My other position has been as an advancement associate for Gettysburg Seminary. I have worked out of the Southwest Pennsylvania Synod office, with my job being to connect with the congregations of this synod who support the seminary, as well as our alumni, building bridges and maintaining relationships with those who make the seminary what it is.

Our time in Pittsburgh has been formative, but we are looking forward to returning home. My husband grew up in Dover, PA, and is greatly looking forward to returning home to put down roots. He will be starting as an adjunct professor of political science at Gettysburg College this fall. We are both anticipating coming back to this place that has brought us to each other and building a life here.

I am greatly looking forward to meeting all of you and being able to share a worship service together, in hopes that it will bring us to a new future together. May God’s peace be with you all, and though we have not met face-to-face, you are in my prayers through the Spirit.

Tina Melusky

Editor’s note: Pastor Tina started as our new shepherd on August 1, 2013. A more detailed introduction about Pastor Tina can be found here.

Church Secretary

Anna Mae LauerAnna Mae Lauer is our church secretary who started in April 2013. She thanks God for directing her to a more fitting job. At her Bible Study and Prayer Group, her pastor asked everyone to pray for something for themselves. Although that was difficult for her, she prayed for a more fulfilling job that evening. The next week, she received a phone call to update her resume and was later interviewed for the position.

Anna Mae is from Spring Grove and has served actively as a lifetime member of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stoverstown.

She has family in Stoverstown as well – her sister, Mary Jane, and brother-in-law, David. She also has a niece, Sabrina, who has two children with her fiancé, James. Her two great-nieces are Gracie Mae, age 6, and Zoe Jane, age 3. Her niece and family live in Shiloh.

Having grown up on a farm, she has had many pets over the years. She had Boston Terriers as a child, and Boston and Yorkshire Terriers as an adult. She fostered one Terrier named Mr. Belvedere, whose original owner happened to be a member of Grace Lutheran Church. Another of her dogs was a rescue named Scruffy Slick, who she renamed Izzy.

“Currently, I have two feline companions to keep me company,” Anna Mae said. “Miss Millie is all dressed up in her tortoise shell coat and my mother’s cat, Miss Kitty, is a chatty Russian Blue. There is one-year difference in age and they are great pals.”

As for hobbies, Anna Mae keeps busy with a variety of projects. She enjoys volunteering and helping other people, and also likes to read, sew, crochet, embroider, cook, and bake.

Music Director

(yet to come)

Church Council Members

Our Church Council changes every year. Please refer to our newsletter for the current members.