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A Few Things

Oh folks, it is freezing–I realize it’s stating the obvious, but at this point, it bears repeating. ANYWAY! Since we were unable to gather together yesterday morning, I wanted to share a few things with you as we prepare for Lent to arrive and hopefully, hopefully spring to start to warm our chilled bones.

1. Ash Wednesday is THIS Wednesday! We’re really excited about Ash Wednesday this year, as it is allowing us to resurrect an old tradition. We will be sharing worship with the folks from St. John’s UCC this year, with Pastor David offering our message, and I will be presiding over Holy Communion.  There will be a joint choral anthem, as well as the imposition of ashes.  Overall, Pastor David and myself, are really happy to be able to get the congregations together, and rediscover old connections, and share in worship together. A few details for the service. A light soup supper will begin in our fellowship hall at 6:00. If you can’t be there right at 6:00 DON’T WORRY, come whenever you are able, we’ll be here. Service begins at 7:00 in our sanctuary.  The meal is already taken care of, so you just need to bring yourselves and all shall be well.  One other item: there will be an offering taken on Wednesday. If you bring your church envelope, it will be used as usual, with each congregation being given their respective envelopes.  Cash that is in the plate will be used as a donation to the food bank.

2. The Directory! I know all of you are waiting and wondering, and as we have discovered, no matter how often you are told a process won’t be a hassle, it ends up being just that. I still feel confident that they should be in hand soon. Thank you for being so patient with the process, just know they have not been forgotten and we’re doing everything we can to speed the process along, but eventually it’s out of our hands and we are left to depend on the system.

3. A thank you to all of you. The decision to not hold services yesterday was not one that was made lightly, but with a lot of back and forth, worry and wonder. I want to thank all of you for your willingness to roll with the weather punches, and for all who helped make calls and try to get the word out as best as we could.  If you did try to make the trek up to church yesterday to find the building cold and the doors locked, I am very sorry. We truly tried to get in touch with everyone, but knew that inevitably some would miss the call. We are in the process of working on a better system for calling, so should this happen again, we will have a more efficient process in place. I do hope that in spite of the cold, you all were able to find some way to worship yesterday. Transfiguration is such a vital part of our church year, giving us time and space to transition into Lent, and I am so sad that we weren’t able to have that time together.  However, the days roll on and we move into Lent together, with our alleluias quieted and our spiritual disciplines taken up.

I pray that all of you have been able to keep warm and stay safe, and will continue to do so as it appears there is more snow coming this evening. YOU are so important, and I pray that if you must go out in the coming days that you might be safe and secure.  We are church together, through thick and thin, wind chills and rain.  Stay warm, stay safe, know you are worried about and cared for.

Peace it Together,

Pastor Tina