Bridging Social Distances

Bridging Social Distances

Yesterday I heard music on my walk and then I saw it. And while my town has had an ice cream truck come through our neighborhoods for years, this was the first time a fresh pasta truck was circling. Turns out it is from a nearby town but the idea of a food truck in my neighborhood is rather startling. They even waved and honked the horn at me as they went by, a bright spot in an ordinary walk

All kinds of questions came to mind about how this will work with social distancing and what would have happened if I had called out to them to find out. I admired the entrepreneurial spirit that would make deliveries or at least let us know that they exist. I thought about how pasta can be used to build bridges too.

It reminded me about this Christian charity, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, that I had written about once and how they started by going out to where they were needed and then ended up building a community of mini-homes for the homeless with job training. It reminds me of how others are using music to help at this time too.  How much our songs have to offer!

My mind still boggles with the image of that fresh pasta truck playing Sinatra music to lure adults to pay attention like children listening for carousel music to get ice cream.  And because I know that if I Google the most unexpected ideas I will find them, I had to ask myself if there were mobile churches using food trucks to go to people, taking music and worshipping where people were in their neighborhoods.

Of course, there are converted food trucks that turn into stages and semi-tractor trailers that are chapels seating up to fifty people.  And so I wondered if we could share our faith on the move in a time when we have limited mobility. It was so easy to think of one answer.

  • What hymns move you and catch your attention?
  • What if you rolled down your windows and on your drives to the food store you played the music that speaks to and helps your faith?
  • What if you waved and honked the horn as you drive by just to brighten someone’s day?

You would be letting people know more about you yet you’d be sharing something more. You’d be sharing the entrepreneurial spirit that lets people hear and see the unexpected as they walk outside or shelter at home. You’d be sharing the church on the move, a church reaching out in startling ways to bridge the many kinds of social distancing we are learning to overcome.