Council News & Administratives

Budget Notes

The proposed budget for 2015 was discussed at two question-and-answer forums. Overall, we will be projecting a deficit of $6,000, but that is less than last year. The only increase in salaries this year is Pastor Tina’s tenure increase.

In the Benevolence fund, of note is the line item of “Grace Lutheran Church Benevolence.” It is a combination of the Senior Choir and Ryan Murphy’s Mission. Also in the Benevolence fund is a scholarship fund for those of the congregation who would like to go to seminary. Wickey Barnes is our current beneficiary. In the past, the Scholarship Fund was taken out of the budget when no one was using it, but the council is looking to make it a permanent fund.

Another new addition to the Benevolence fund is that the Pastor’s discretionary fund will be the third Sunday collection for Grace Lutheran parishioners in need. As always, the Food Pantry is not included in the church budget, as it must be a separate entity. We are happy to report that the food bank has a very healthy surplus of over $45,000 due to the Thrivent grant and generous donors. This is a very good thing, since the need has been steadily increasing and the cost of food is also going up.

The Property Fund has a projected loss of $4,700, which is similar to last year. The anticipated major expense of 2015 will have to be the air conditioning units. God blessed us by allowing us to limp along with the units this past summer, but they are in very poor condition and will need replacing next year. The Building Fund endowment is $38,923.25, but is in need of a constant stream of funds to keep our building in good repair. The air conditioning will be able to be funded without a loan, but it will take a big bite. Please consider a weekly contribution to the Building Fund if you are able.