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Calling All Bread Bakers!

“Give us this day our daily bread…”  All are welcome to join the Confirmation class on Saturday, October 12 at 10:00 a.m to learn how to make communion bread, as our confirmands continue to reflect on their discussion of this petition of the Lord’s Prayer.  We’ll be using a recipe used in Lutheran congregations around the country, which has traces back to ancient times.  We will then be using the fruits of our labor in worship on Sunday morning!  Our hope is that out of this event, we will start building a bread baking ministry, in which any and all are welcome to volunteer to bake communion bread for worship.  God has blessed us with a bountiful creation that allows us to use our many gifts, this is just one of the many ways that we can give glory to God through creation and our talents.  If you have any questions please contact Pastor Tina.