God’s Church Sees the Day

The one thing that seemed to isolate us and keep us apart is the very thing that is bringing us together.  A contagious spirit is conquering a contagious virus. God is at work and all the divisions that seemed so important such as denominations, doctrine, and traditions are set aside so that we can be the Church. There are so many inspirations out there. There are also so many people offering their resources to help families and those who feel lonely. As we come into Holy week, here are Read more […]

Core Training

When the goalpost to the finish keeps moving out to where we thought it should be, it’s hard to keep going.  Maybe it’s been a promised trip that is delayed or a setback at work. Maybe it’s something we had wanted that is postponed yet again. Right now when we were told things might change by Easter and now had the social isolation deadline extended, we can forget that things do change at Easter and because of Easter. Easter is when we are no longer separated from God because of our Read more […]

Going Fishing

A lot of times there have been some negative connotations about the idea that we are to “fish for people” like the disciples were told to do. Perhaps we don’t know how to fish or we think of “catching” someone as the wrong verb. We’d prefer the gentler “invite” people to Jesus and “connect” them to the Gospel than pulling them in. Fishing is also hard work, not as elegant as invitation cards and social media campaigns. What if you think of fishing people into a lifeboat because the Read more […]

The Miracle of Monday

For those who can, this is a “get back to work” day. The name Monday itself almost sounds like the word mundane.  It’s always been an ordinary day, even bland and boring. We generally acknowledge Monday as the beginning of the week, even if Sunday, our day of worship, is technically the first day of the week. The miracle is that God loves turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Water into wine. A cross into victory, a tomb into new life. Monday can be the same, for God is working even when Read more […]

“Finding Wholeness in the Scattering”

created by the Rev. Shannon Johnson The stress of our current realities can weigh heavily on us and with the limitations in place to keep the community healthy, many of our ways of coping with stress may be challenged or restricted. It is times like this that it is especially important to tend to the dimensions that make up our wholeness. Those include physical wellness, emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, financial wellness, vocational wellness, social wellness, and spiritual wellness How Read more […]

R and S Time

What we Need is “R and S” not “R and R.” Maybe you love a good bedtime story but what about the “Rise and Shine” one? As you start out your morning and look to the news perhaps you start your day with devotions and prayer with the story that reminds you God is the ultimate story maker.  I haven’t yet been able to bookend my day with reading the Bible at the beginning and the end (Alpha and Omega) but I do know that my mornings are better with a few moments in scriptures. If Read more […]