Christmas Eve 2019

Join us on one of the holiest nights of the church year as we celebrate the gift of Emmanuel, God-with-us!

We gather for two worship services on Christmas Eve, both of which celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion and feature a time of candlelight singing:

5:30 pm            Contemporary Worship (with the message provided by the Youth Christmas Program) in the Spirit Cellar Sanctuary

10:30 pm            Christmas Eve Musical Prelude in the Traditional Sanctuary
10:45 pm            Traditional Worship in the Traditional Sanctuary


Children are welcome to attend each and every service! We use real candles at both of the worship services, and ask that parents help their children learn how to safely light, hold, and extinguish their candles. At the Contemporary Worship there is also the option for children to use glow-sticks instead of a real candle.