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Family Summer Sunday School Wows Broadway!

hollywoodThis year’s Family Summer Sunday School Goes Hollywood was a huge success.  We enjoyed wonderful weather for nearly all of our performances, needing to stay inside only for the Calling of the Disciples and the story of Zacchaeus.  Our procedure of reading the story once, donning our costumes, and then performing the story for our audience helped the children better remember the information.  We were “grossed out” when Joseph’s brother slit the sheep’s throat to cover Joseph’s colored coat with blood; we laughed as we tried to talk to each other using different languages, during the building of the Tower of Babel.  We cringed as the man was beaten and robbed, then cheered when the Good Samaritan saved his life.  Believe it or not, ferocious lions decided not to eat Daniel because of God’s intervention.  On a rainy morning, Zacchaeus could not really climb a sycamore tree, but he did manage to scale a tall “Werner ladder” tree in the social room.  Changing water into wine took some “magic,” but all were able to enjoy a batch of wine provided by Jesus.  Our final production on August 31 was at the traditional service, where we presented the story of the Last Supper.  We all were anxious to show off our acting abilities and practiced our encore bows!  In total, nearly 275 people attended our summer program.  We are extremely thrilled with the cooperation of children and parents so that each Sunday could be a fun and funny experience.