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Food Pantry Ministry: We Care Cuz We Have Grace

Food Pantry Ministry

Okay everyone, the time is coming on April 7 for the Food Bank to have another distribution, and we don’t want any of these individuals to not have some toiletry items. ‘We Care Cuz We Have Grace’ Kits are going to be a little different this time. We are not going to go big like we did at Christmas, because that was different and meant to be special. This time we are asking for a limited number of items to be placed in slider-type gallon size Ziploc bags and contain the following items:

  • Razors (male or female) Hint: we have more females receiving food kits than males.
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Shower Gel (unisex or non-flowery scent)
  • Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wipes or Wash Cloth

All these items can be obtained at the Dollar Tree so the total cost per bag is about $5.00.

There will be gallon size slider Ziploc-type bags with lists displayed near the elevator and the back table of the contemporary service area. Look for additional updates on ‘We Care Kits’ that may be developed for the children in the coming months. So everyone step up and donate at least a bag a month (that would be 2-3 per family). We have over 250 food pantry visitors, and we’d really like to give each one a kit this time. Also keep in mind that if you want to donate individual items you may but they will not be made into kits unless there are sufficient items to do so. There will be a box for donated items and a box for the filled Ziploc bags at both places beginning the week of February 16.

We don’t want to forget our shut-ins. We have approximately 10-15 of our church that could really use our help, thoughts and prayers. We’re looking for volunteers to sponsor a shut-in and donate items from a larger list similar to the Christmas list for delivery with their food after April 7. These individuals rarely get out of their residences. Please contact me for further details.

Sharon Phillips (443) 851-8900 or (717) 417-5124