Pastor's Notes

From the Pastor’s Desk: Education Extravaganza!

Bible in light with penIt’s that time of year! The time when folks start yearning for the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, and making treks out to the store for new school supplies. It’s a busy time, but also an exciting one, where a whole new year of possibilities is opened up to you, and you never know what you’ll learn next. This is the case at Grace too! Learning and the excitement that goes along with it isn’t limited to Monday through Friday, but extends all the way to Sunday! God calls each of us, whether we are five or fifty-five, to never stop learning, growing and exploring our faith. It’s a holy calling that we each have in our hearts to find new ways to experience God and deepen our relationship with the Lord. At times, it can feel like Bible study or Christian education can be daunting, and the Bible seems shrouded in mystery and complication. The reality is, however, it’s as simple as starting a conversation, of asking the questions we’ve always wanted to, and opening our hearts to what God and our fellow congregants have to share.

At Grace, we have so many opportunities to learn and grow in the Lord, and all are welcome to wherever you feel called to go. Our Sunday school teachers are diving into a new year of lessons and exploring Bible stories with our children; Confirmation will be a brand new experience this year, with re-vamped lessons, new activities, and different opportunities for service; and the learning doesn’t stop once you’ve been confirmed! As adults, we are called to keep growing in faith so that we might continue to teach others. We need our faith to deepen so that the next generation might benefit from our care and knowledge. Any and all are welcome to join the two adult Sunday school classes we offer, the Good News class and the Sanctuary class are always open to new voices and new thoughts to expand their conversation. Come and try something new this year, come and ask questions you never thought you’d ask, come and meet new people, come and be with the Lord. The disciples never shied away from asking Jesus questions, so that they might learn and grow. May we be as bold as they were, so we might become the servants that they were. Bring your kids, bring your teens, and bring yourself; learn, live, and grow in the Lord. Come and be filled with knowledge, grace, and joy. We will be blessed to have you!

Peace it Together,
Pastor Tina