Contribute & Volunteer

Giving Does Not Always Mean Money

stewardshipHas the economy affected your giving? Are you feeling guilty because you can’t meet your pledge? Well, there are many other ways to practice stewardship without putting money in your envelope! Here are a few ways that you can still help Grace Lutheran Church to survive and actually thrive. If any of these ideas appeals to your soul and your schedule, jump right in – stewardship starts now with your action and your reaction to helping God’s house to be a reflection of our commitment to Him. If you are interested, please call Ellen Warntz at 244-4662 for further details.

  1. Volunteer to take altar flowers to shut-in members.
  2. Volunteer to pack food boxes on elected Saturday mornings from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
  3. Volunteer to provide snack foods and/or cookies for Spirit Cellar or the welcome center on Sunday mornings.
  4. Volunteer to tidy the sanctuary following Sunday services.
  5. Volunteer to dust the book racks and books under the pews.
  6. Volunteer to help set up sanctuary for our ‘yard sale ministry.’
  7. Volunteer to help with Easter Bunny Breakfast on March 23.
  8. Volunteer on Feb 2 to help make pretzel sandwiches for New Year’s Eve fundraiser.
  9. Volunteer to put garbage cans and recycling out on Thursday night.
  10. Volunteer to help with Vacation Bible School.
  11. Volunteer to pick up trash from church yard.
  12. Volunteer to help with spring or fall clean-up.
  13. Volunteer to help with gardens or flowers during the growing season.
  14. Volunteer to put church announcements on the outside bulletin board.