Lectionary Bible Study

The Bible is bursting with meaningful and challenging stories of God’s relationship with God’s beloved people from the very beginning. Sometimes these texts can seem straightforward and other times they are…confusing, to say the least. As we grow in our journey of discipleship, it is a wonderful gift to be able to read and study scripture together, pondering what God was up to, how the Holy Spirit was speaking to the original hearers, and how the Holy Spirit has continued to speak to the generations of believers up through today! We encourage you to include the reading of scripture in your daily life of discipleship, but we also value gathering as a community to ask questions together.

That’s why we gather to read through the lessons that will be included in the next Sunday’s readings. It gives us a change to wrestle with the texts before we hear them in worship, and can bring deep added meaning to our worship experience.

Our readings are based off of a three-year cycle of readings used by many Christian churches in the United States and Canada (and beyond!), known as the Revised Common Lectionary. Using readings selected ahead of time is valuable for many reasons, but a key one is that it doesn’t let us off the hook! We are forced to wrestle with difficult texts that we may not want to hear (“sell all you have and give it to the poor”, anyone?). Unless otherwise noted for a special occasion, the readings will cover the Old Testament, Psalm, New Testament, and Gospel readings designated for that proceeding Sunday (and can be found at the Revised Common Lectionary service provided by Vanderbilt Divinity Library).

Upcoming Lectionary Bible Studies in 2018

Please talk with Pastor Courtney if you are interested in joining us, as we are rescheduling when this class meets and hope to include you!