Musical Notes

Musical Notes

“When in our music God is glorified…”

Advent CompassOur journey through Advent and Christmas set the course of our ministry in 2013. The way of hope, peace, joy and love takes us into the neighborhoods of our lives to meet Christ in the people and situations we encounter there. We do not simply celebrate one day – Christmas – but we celebrate the message of Christmas all year long – the good news that God is with us and goes with us as we begin a new year of life and of life together in ministry. I appreciate all the feedback, stories, and insights from our Advent journey. I hope they continue to be a good reminder of the journey we are on to follow God’s Way.

In my experience as your Organist/Choirmaster, I sense that we are in a time of new beginnings. I am hoping that they and our entire congregation will discern ways to grow our faith, outreach, care for one another, music, membership, and connections to the community in ways that are faithful. In the midst of a new world of technology, busy lives, economic concerns, even the transitions that are happening in our membership, we often lose sight of what we come to Grace Lutheran for. I am praying that we will have the courage to go beyond the edges of what we know and understand and to journey into new ways of hope, peace, joy and love where we will find Christ along the way.

Thank you for these past eight months of wonderful ministry. Thanks for your care, for your faithfulness, and for your prayers for the Worship and Music Ministries of Grace Church. New Year’s Blessings!

In Christ,

Jeffrey J. Cogan
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