Submission Guidelines

We welcome all submissions to the newsletter. The newsletter is a great place to ask for help, publicize an event you are planning in the church, tell people about something you or your family is doing, thank members, celebrate a victor… the possibilities are endless! The vision for the newsletter is to communicate between members in a clear and interesting format. If you would like to submit to the newsletter or help in any way, here is what you can do:

  • If you are comfortable with computers, you can contact our editor using our Contact Form. Please make sure your document is either a *.doc, *.rtf, or *.pdf file. If you are including digital artwork, make sure it is at least 300 KB in size.
  • If you prefer paper, just drop off your submission in the mailbox marked ‘newsletter’ outside the office door. The mailboxes are located on a table across the hall.

Please keep in mind that the deadline for submission is the 20th of each month for the following month’s newsletter. If you have pictures or graphics that compliment your submission, include them along with directions or suggestions on their use. Please include your contact information in every submission so the editor can get in touch to clarify or fact-check. If you are interested in a monthly submission or article, we welcome that as well.