Pastor Bill’s Retirement

Pastor Bill CluleyWhatever will Pastor Bill do now that he doesn’t have Grace Lutheran to run around in? The Beacon asked him to elaborate on his plans. The first question we asked was, “Is this another fake retirement or are you really retiring now?” To which he answered, “I will continue my work with World Blindness Outreach, going to Ecuador in September, Dominican Republic in December and Ethiopia in March. I will also be continuing to work with the Rotary in Lancaster, going to Atlantic City for a week fixing flood damaged houses in July. ” (It doesn’t look like he will be slowing down too much, methinks.)

We then asked if he will be doing anything between suffering bouts of jet lag and getting shots for third world countries. Pastor Bill said he will be volunteering in the restoration shop at the Strasburg Railroad Museum several days a week, and mentoring refugees in Lancaster through Lutheran Refugee and Immigration Services. The Beacon editor then pondered, “What does a guy like this do to relax?” Of course, Pastor Bill has an answer for that as well. “I will still be working in my pottery studio and will perhaps continue to do some home restoration painting among my friends. And of course responding to the ever active and present “honey do list.”

We wish Pastor Bill the best and hope he keeps in touch. As reported in the June issue of The Beacon, donations to the World Blindness Outreach can be made in his honor, if you feel you want to do something special for him as a gift or recognition.