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Spring clean up

gardeningWe will be having our annual spring clean-up on Saturday, May 3 beginning at 9a.m.  Dunkin’ Donuts will be provided for the workers but you do need to bring your own gloves, clippers and rakes.  The winter left many problems in our church yard so we will be challenged to clean up and repair all of the areas affected. In addition, the Bucher family has placed a beautiful marble bench in the yard in memory of John and that area will be re-designed and landscaped to make a beautiful resting place for people to enjoy.  If you knew John, you might want to come to help with this heartfelt project.   The kitchen also is in need of its semi-annual cleaning so hopefully those of you who do not want to work outdoors will come to help shine up the counters, cupboards and appliances.  It is very important to keep our property clean and well-maintained not only from a safety perspective but as an appealing place that people will want to visit and hopefully stay!