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Spring clean up

gardeningAfter the record setting winter, our church property will definitely need a Spring cleanup this year.  As you look around you will see trash, limbs, huge chunks of sod and stones everywhere on the grounds.  Because of falling snow, the trees along the building on the Charles Street side were severely damaged and will need to be trimmed if possible or perhaps even removed.  The deep frost has forced the bricks lining the flower beds out of the ground and all will need to be re-positioned down into the ground.  A new stone bench in memory of John Bucher is scheduled to be installed in the area near the bird bath and that area will be re-designed so that persons can access the bench and still enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the surrounding bed.   If time permits, we might even be able to mulch the flower beds, but removing all debris will be our first priority. Please mark your calendar now for Saturday, May 3 beginning at 9:00 a.m. for the annual spring cleanup here at Grace.