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Strangers in Kenya

heather 11-13It’s been a crazy nine weeks around here, but the 2013-2014 school year is off to a rip-roaring start. The new staff and students seem to be over the worst of homesickness, despite the extra stress and trauma of the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in nearby Nairobi. Last week we had our annual multicultural day–an amazing day of color and celebration over the diverse cultures of our school and the relentless love of God as he reaches into each one. The day was again overseen by Heather herself, and it was bigger and better than ever! We also wrapped up our Spiritual Emphasis Week, and over 100 students made a new commitment to Jesus or re-affirmed their relationship to Him. It was amazing to watch God dig into so many hearts and turn them from their sin and turn them to their loving and glorious Savior.

Heather’s outreach from September had great results. She and a crew of students artfully painted rooms at a women’s prison near our school. Some also received manicures (like a baby daughter of one of the inmates). What a beautiful picture of how God sees each one of as beautiful despite our sin and shame! He redeems us and makes beauty of ashes.

One last thing…will you take a moment to pray for the Central African Republic (CAR)? Some details about the terrible and escalating chaos in that country are included here. A few current students and staff lived and worked in CAR in the past, although all had been evacuated long ago. Our family joined in the fasting and prayer for CAR on October 27, but the prayers need to continue until God’s glory breaks through.

That’s it for this quick update!
Ryan for Heather, Micah, Asher, and Claire

Prayer Requests for the Central African Republic

The Situation:
The Central African Republic (CAR) is in the midst of a political, humanitarian and spiritual crisis. Since March 2013 when a powerful and violent group of rebels, the Seleka, a Muslim backed unity of five rebel factions, overthrew the president and took over the country, CAR has been in chaos and the government essentially nonexistent. Some are describing it as a “failed state”.

Painful stories are forthcoming from the Christians in CAR; stories of widespread looting by the rebels and of religiously targeted abductions and killings. Mixed with those horrific reports are stories of God’s miraculous protection and bold declaration of the Gospel message.

Prior to the Seleka rebel atrocities, the south and eastern part of CAR were under siege by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) since 2008. These LRA rebels have attacked villages and towns, capturing men, women and many children, stealing their meager possessions, burning their homes, raping, torturing and killing.

Can you Help with the Power of Prayer?
Pray for the restoration of order and peace in the country. Pray that religious freedom can be maintained. Christians are suffering greatly at the hands of Muslim terrorists.

Pray that the Ugandan and U.S. forces, who have been protecting the eastern end of the country, will continue to do so even though the LRA threat seems to have decreased.

Pray for the delivery of essential medicine to our church hospitals. We have been waiting six months for the flight permissions to deliver these medicines and praise to God, permission has just now been received through remarkable answers to prayer and the diligence and persistence of CAR church leaders!