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Strangers in Kenya

Ryan Murphy daughterWith many über-powerful men, their devoted and silent partners languish in the shadows, away from the notoriety and celebrity of their über-powerful spouses. You know how it goes.

Try to tell me who’s married to Brad Pitt. Probably can’t do it, right? Who’s ever heard of ex-president Bill Clinton’s wife? Or world-famous music producer Ike Turner’s?

And so it is with famous bloggers.

It’s time to change that. My wife has cowered in my enormous shadow long enough. Pretty much everyone in the hemisphere has heard of “Ryan Murphy”; it’s time they knew of Heather.

My wife is pretty awesome. Besides being a great wife to me, she’s an awesome and creative mom. Need photo proof? Here’s one of her protégés in a momentous life event this week—potty training. Heather handcrafted princess stickers and created a castle mural which is populated by a new princess every time our princess pollutes our pot.

Heather’s also doing everything she can to stay connected to our family in the U.S. It’s not easy. Years away at a time make it difficult to stay close, and it’s especially hard to connect our kids (who only have spent a fraction of their lives with relatives and best friends across the ocean).

Ryan Murphy family treeThat said, I downright love this project she created the last few months. It’s a family tree in the stairwell leading up to our bedrooms. On one side of the tags is a picture of our ancestors and relatives. On the other side lie names and dates of birth and deaths. Not only is it visually beyond pleasing, it’s also a great way to keep our family and our heritage in front of us all—literally—as we live out this semi-disconnected life from our roots.

I will admit that she got this idea from Pinterest, which—if you’ve never heard of it—is basically the Internet’s invention to help other wives be as awesome and creative as mine.

I’m glad for them.

And those other husbands should thank Pinterest for giving them a taste for how fortunate I am naturally.

Ryan for the
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