Where Do You Pray?

Where do you pray? If you say your bedroom, your table, your home, that is wonderful. You’ve invited God into your home for more than just the rituals of saying grace or bedtime prayers. You’ve perhaps even dedicated a particular space, such as a corner, a prayer closet for another area to focus on God. Where do you pray outside the home? If it used to be on your commute like me, then that place in your prayer life is sitting idle right now. But, if you pray on your walks, then you’ve Read more […]

Bridging Social Distances

Yesterday I heard music on my walk and then I saw it. And while my town has had an ice cream truck come through our neighborhoods for years, this was the first time a fresh pasta truck was circling. Turns out it is from a nearby town but the idea of a food truck in my neighborhood is rather startling. They even waved and honked the horn at me as they went by, a bright spot in an ordinary walk All kinds of questions came to mind about how this will work with social distancing and what would have Read more […]

the highest yield

We like results. We measure success. We talk about yields and outcomes, we predict returns on investments. There is something comforting in the idea that we can make a plan, see it through and make real the vision we had. There is something powerful about thinking, becoming, doing. That’s why we make goals. We make contingency plans and prepare supplies to get us through any unforeseen circumstances. We buy insurance; we save for a rainy day. There’s something in us that wants to control Read more […]

Align Worship

When cars came out, we described them as horseless carriages. When TV came out, it was treated like radio with pictures. We tend to have to tie change to the familiar. We tend to start with the known transferred to the unknown. Right now, our services on Facebook and Zoom resemble what we already know. We describe it as online worship, though it is more like networking or physically distanced worship.  We use a familiar format, like radio with pictures. Now we are starting to see the Read more […]


Is it any coincidence that prays and praise sound the same? I wonder if that, in the end, is what happens as we grow closer to God. The two words don’t just sound the same, they are the same. As our lives are refined like silver, an interesting thing that happens is that we get a visible reminder with our silver hair. Our lives are being refined not necessarily redefined.  We live a glorious life in him. We start our faith lives asking how to pray and what to pray. We end knowing why we Read more […]

Set in Stone

In our scripture readings for this Sunday, Stephen is being stoned. He has shared about Jesus and he is paying for it and yet calls to God to forgive his killers. We later even see his prayer answered as Saul, the passive onlooker, becomes chosen to be a Jesus follower named Paul to step into Stephen’s place. Stephen calls for Jesus to receive his spirit reminding us of the Psalm verse that says, “Into your hands, I commend my spirit for you have redeemed me, O Lord, God of truth.” Jesus Read more […]