Connections Matter

It’s been interesting to see what other churches are doing at this time of social distancing. Some are posting videos to Facebook like Grace, others are holding special together times for children’s sermons or contests for families such as “Silly sock day.” There are camps providing ideas for families at home and even offering exercises on Zoom to work out with kids. What ideas have you seen out there for something we could do as a church? As a family? It gives you hope and makes you Read more […]

Praying Together with Grace

One of the things someone encouraged me to do was to write a prayer journal. This is one thing that can be done with the family instead of a solitary activity. You can even reach out online or by text to your distanced family and friends to make a book of prayers together. In the book of Lamentations, prayers were made with each letter of the alphabet. This form of poem prayer is called an acrostic. It could become a game with people adding one word or phrase for the next letter. What is an example Read more […]

Taking the Stage

Did you ever think there can never be ENOUGH drama in your life? We can all learn to be playful Christians, using different forms of creative expression to help our families explore these times through indirect means. There are many forms of acting out. We can use shadow theater (projecting on a wall or behind a light sheet with a bright light). We can use puppets or masks. We can improvise lines, have the audience repeat phrases, or take part in the action. The important thing is choosing Read more […]

Viritual Rides at Disneyworld/land

This resource may not be directly connected with our faith lives, but it is something that brings us joy, and I think God would smile along with us. Visit to go on virtual rides and Disneyworld and Disneyland! *Note: we are not responsible for content on third-party websites. Read more […]