Countdown to Pentecost

The countdown for Pentecost is continuing! There’s excitement for the birthday of the church. If you do any countdowns for your own birthday maybe you make yourself do one or two things before you reach that next milestone.  Having a date to celebrate gives you the motivation you might need to stop putting off the things you say you’ll do someday. It might also be a leap of faith if the church as a congregation did this countdown too. What can we look ahead and say we’ll do before Read more […]

Where Do You Pray?

Where do you pray? If you say your bedroom, your table, your home, that is wonderful. You’ve invited God into your home for more than just the rituals of saying grace or bedtime prayers. You’ve perhaps even dedicated a particular space, such as a corner, a prayer closet for another area to focus on God. Where do you pray outside the home? If it used to be on your commute like me, then that place in your prayer life is sitting idle right now. But, if you pray on your walks, then you’ve Read more […]

In-Between Prayers

After Jesus ascended, the angels told the disciples to go. Stop looking up at the skies, stop expecting an immediate return. Stop trying to relive another mountaintop experience, and stop grieving this separation that is so much more glorious than the last one they experienced with Jesus dying on the cross. So the disciples went to a room together and prayed. They weren’t alone, others prayed too. But they had to wait for what came next. They were in the in-between time between the resurrection Read more […]


Is it any coincidence that prays and praise sound the same? I wonder if that, in the end, is what happens as we grow closer to God. The two words don’t just sound the same, they are the same. As our lives are refined like silver, an interesting thing that happens is that we get a visible reminder with our silver hair. Our lives are being refined not necessarily redefined.  We live a glorious life in him. We start our faith lives asking how to pray and what to pray. We end knowing why we Read more […]

Psalm 23: Living Out the Lord’s Prayer

Can you imagine if we fully meant what we prayed? We could celebrate how the 23rd Psalm fulfills the requests in the Lord’s Prayer. We could see how following his voice as a church and as an individual transforms the world. Look at what happens to our requests in the Lord’s Prayer if we can truthfully make the response of Psalm 23. Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is Read more […]

Clean Sweep

Monday again and it is the day after Palm Sunday. Yesterday we celebrated Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. We heard scriptures again about how people laid down their cloaks and branches not knowing that Jesus would do even better by laying down his life for them. It’s interesting that pastors often point out that people shouted “Hosanna” meaning “Lord, save us.” We then look at what people were doing during Holy Week and how they changed, becoming jaded and fickle about a Savior Read more […]