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‘The Beacon’ Goes Online

Beacon Online ComputerIf you receive the newsletter via email, you may have noticed this month that, instead of the usual extensive address list and an attached file, you were sent an individual message with a link. That is because we are now connected with an email service called Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is a free service that enables the church to have a secure account for electronic mailings. We can create mailing lists and send links to individuals. This gives privacy to our members and simplifies the emails you receive. For example, if you get The Beacon via your phone, it may be very annoying to scroll through the other email addresses to reach the copy, and your device may have difficulty opening attachments. Perhaps you are someone who prefers that all the other addressees do not see your email address. Mail Chimp makes all these issues go away by sending you a link to the website each month. As a result of us posting online, you can access old issues without needing to save them to your hard drive or searching your old emails for what you want to reread. Our webmaster has already put the back issues from September 2012 onward on the website.
Another advantage of Mail Chimp is to customize email lists for different purposes. For example, if we have a list of members with children, we can send notices that may be of interest to them, but not to members who do not have young children. If anyone would like to create an address listing for something he or she coordinates, please contact the webmaster. Mail Chimp is simple to use and easy to learn. It is a great way to stay in touch with your group and advertise what you are doing in and around the church.

With the introduction of Mail Chimp, we are in need of updating the email address list. It has come to the editor’s attention that some emails are out of date or wrong. Rest assured that your email address will only be used for things you personally sign up for. Please contact the editor or webmaster to update your email information. If you know of someone who would be interested in receiving The Beacon via email, we can have up to 10,000 email addresses, the more the merrier!

If all this sounds like a foreign language and you prefer a paper copy, issues will still be printed and available in the church. Paper readers can also access old issues by contacting the editor any of the ways listed in the submission box ad on this page.