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The Kids Invade the Pastor’s Desk


gracenewsletter2016-10-1Instead of my usual article I have decided I’m going to switch things up.  I’m going to let the kids ask the questions and… let Pastor Ed answer them instead.  Let’s see what interesting questions the kids had in mind.

  1. Ivy E.- How much do you love god?

“Lots.  However, what is more important is, how much does god love me?  I am a sinner, and there are times when I forget to love god, but he always loves me. The most important way anyone can show they love god is to love one’s neighbor.  Better yet, love one’s ‘strange, alien neighbor’”

  1. Daisy J.- How much do you love your job?

“Tremendously.  I get to connect and talk to some pretty nice people.  I also find that doing the Liturgy is one of my favorite things about my calling.”

  1. Madison W.- What did you do before becoming a pastor?

“I was a social worker, and I’ve met some wonderful people, both as a social worker and here at Grace.”

  1. Brock W.- How are you doing here at Grace?

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“I am having a wonderful experience, but I’m not the one to decide that, how are you with me?  Seriously though, I think it is so wonderful to have two very different worship services.  It is having that choice that is so great.  It is like eating a meal, and after all, we are having the Communion Meal every week.  When you go out to eat in daily life, you don’t always like to eat at the same restaurant, but eating the meal is what is important, and variety is what most people enjoy doing.”

  1. Cody P.- Do you play video games?
Pastor Ed Robins, Sept. 18, 2016
Pastor Ed Robins, Sept. 18, 2016

“No I don’t.”

  1. Inspired by Parker B.- What do you think of the elections this year?

“”The government is a gift of god” is a quote from Martin Luther.  People are very anxious and afraid in this presidential election.  Martin Luther says “The government’s purpose is to restrain the evil and promote the good.””

  1. Ethan S.- What’s your last name?


  1. Elaina R.- What was your favorite subject in school?

“Reading.  I’m a guy who loves books.”

  1. Natalie R. (me)- What was your childhood like?

“I was involved in a lot of dislocation, and I moved four times in my early childhood.  My parents finally decided to settle in Hampton Township in Western Pennsylvania.  A lot of the time my siblings and I went biking, spent time in the woods, and pelting each other in apple battles.  In fifth grade I was throwing snowballs at cars and the first car I hit was my fifth grade teacher. I got into trouble with that one.  If I would have known it was my teacher, I would not have thrown it.”

  1. Natalie R. (me)- What inspired you to become a minister?

“My family was very religious, but my mother was Catholic and my father was Lutheran.  We would always go to the Catholic Church, and my favorite parts were the sermon and communion. In ninth grade, I wrote a paper and declared that I wanted to become a pastor, but my parents didn’t encourage me so I lost faith. After that, I was in the Vietnam War and saw a lot of horrible things that caused me to lose my way. Then I got in social work and found great purpose in helping others.  My mother said that my doing social work was like “a secular version of parish work.”  I went back to church to see if I could find out and the sermon, the Holy Scripture, Holy Communion, the beauty of the stain glass windows, and the Benediction drew me back to church. Those things were what drew me to become a pastor.”

That wraps things up on our ‘Kids Question’ for this month.  I will get back into the usual swing of things next month.  I hoped you enjoyed the switcher-upper this month, Thanks for reading this article.

-Natalie Rudolf

Pastor Ed says this about contacting him, “You can reach me most any time by calling me on my cell phone at any time.  My cell phone is 724-272-2683.  If I do not answer please leave a message – my cell phone rings four times before going to voice mail.  Leave a message.  AND if you have an emergency, wait about a minute and call me back, let the phone ring until I answer or the phone goes to voice mail, and leave a message again.  I will return your call when I can.  You can also use my house phone, 717-757-9166, but I want you to know we get so many robo calls, we always let the phone screen our calls and go to voice mail.  I may not be at home, but I do check the home phone when I come home, so I will return any messages on our homme line.  You can also reach me by e-mail at  I check my e-mail several times a day but my laptop is not always with me, nor is it always wifi connected.”