Fund Raising

The “Noisy Offering” end of Year Report

We have the final numbers for what our congregation has generously donated in 2014 to the “Noisy Offering” the first Sunday of each month. As reported earlier this year, the money goes towards the Konde Diocese.

Over the years, our synod has sent money to Konde Diocese in Tanzania, Africa for medical supplies, educational and worship materials, religious texts, and money for a variety of projects (digging a well, motorcycles for pastors to use in their ministry, etc.).

Grace has also sent scholarship money for students to attend Manow Lutheran Secondary School, because education above the elementary level is not available locally. This money comes from individuals, as it is NOT part of our synod’s budget. At Grace, we collect what we call “noisy offering” once a month for this purpose.

As your representative, I attended a session about this topic and found out that it costs $850 per student to attend high school! I challenged everyone to send two students, a male and a female, to secondary school. Here are the results for the scholarship fund:

January $140.22
February 218.50
March 139.12
April 126.70
May 118.60
June 141.35
July 140.64
August 146.85
September 114.65
October 149.60
November 129.79
December 142.13
Total $1,708.15

God bless you all for your generosity! Please keep that “noise” coming each month, and remember that we also accept money that folds.

Love in Christ,
Cora Sue Herbst