What to Expect

Everyone is invited to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am (contemporary) and 10:45 am (traditional). Each Sunday we praise God through music, prayers, and the reading of Scripture, and gather around the table for the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Everyone is invited to the Lord’s Table to receive the body and blood of Christ, or for a blessing.

What to expect? 

Both weekly services have worship music, Confession and Forgiveness (or a Thanksgiving for Baptism), reading of Scripture, a sermon, prayers, and communion. Within that, the style of each service changes based on the church season and theme of the day.

What do I do with my kid(s)? 

We encourage children to be with us during worship, learning, engaging, and participating in the service and in the congregation. They learn how to be in worship by watching their family and practicing it for themselves. They are welcome to participate in worship leadership and are welcome to receive Holy Communion, a gift of God and their baptismal new-birthright, at any age (as discerned in conversation with pastor, child and/or parent).

If you must step out of worship, we do have a nursery in the hall of the Traditional Sanctuary. There you will find a restroom, toys, and books. There are also pull-down changing tables in the upstairs and downstairs women’s restrooms.


Worship is how we connect with God each week. In the company of brothers and sisters we sing and pray, rejoice and learn. We receive what we need for daily life and we learn what God is calling us to be and do as his followers. At Grace Lutheran Church worship takes many forms, from simple prayers to traditional rites as well as new styles of music and informal gatherings. We have two Sunday worship services:

9 AM Contemporary Service

Grace Lutheran of Red Lion, Spirit Cellar Band
The Spirit Cellar Band in action during a Sunday worship.
Grace Lutheran Church, Red Lion, PA, Spirit Cellar during Sunday service The Spirit Cellar Sanctuary during Sunday service.

The style of this service is informal, and the prayers are fervent. This service is led by our Spirit Cellar Band under the leadership of Amy Fleming. Don’t be reluctant to sway with or even dance to the music! The service is projected on a screen so everybody can easily follow all the prayers and the songs’ lyrics. During the sermon children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary or join other young ones in a side classroom where a youth leader shares more about the Scripture reading. Holy Communion is offered every Sunday.
Before this service starts, we also offer a small breakfast buffet, prepared by one of our members. Depending on what each volunteer brings to church, this breakfast include cookies, cakes, sweets, and other snacks, as well as ice tea, punch and hot coffee.

10:45 AM Traditional Service

Grace Lutheran, Red Lion, PA, Traditional Sunday Service
Traditional Sunday Service

This worship service in large part follows the Evangelical Lutheran Worship liturgies, although we do value expanding our repertoire and trying new things! The service is printed in a weekly bulletin, with our hymns being located in our main hymnal, so you can easily follow the order of the service. We worship with the help of an organ or piano, our senior choir, a bell choir, and musical contributions from our members. We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion every Sunday and have children’s sermons every Sunday as well.

Just prior to worship there is a time of food and fellowship. You are invited to join us in our Welcome Center (narthex; area just in front of our Traditional Sanctuary) where there are snacks and coffee.