May 01

From the Pastor’s Desk: Asked and (Hopefully) Answered


Last month, during one my sermons, I gave everyone an opportunity to ask whatever questions were on your minds about faith, the Bible, God, pretty much anything you wanted to ask. As I went through the questions, I was blown away by the depth of thought that went into them, despite not having a ton …

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Mar 31

From the Pastor’s Desk: Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and the Resurrection

Pages from GraceNewsletter2016-04-1

Every year around this time, my emotional state is exactly the same—unyielding, unabashed HOPE. Every year when the calendar ticks over to April, my heart begins to wonder, to hope, to believe that this could be the year. This could be the year when the baseball season doesn’t leave me a complete and total wreck …

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Feb 28

From the Pastor’s Desk: Could This Really Be True?


Yesterday evening, I found myself in conversation with about 15 other pastors from different denominations, and at some point, our conversation turned to the way the world perceives the church, how Christians are seen by other Christians, by nonbelievers, by questioners, by the curious, by the agnostic and atheistic. Into the din of our conversation, …

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Feb 01

From the Pastor’s Desk: Journeying Through Lent Together

Journey to Easter

Forty Days. Six weeks. A time to wander through the wilderness. A time to explore your faith. A time to get through until Easter arrives. However you think about it, there is no stopping the reality that Lent is upon us, rather earlier than it usually is. Usually, it feels like after Christmas, we have a little …

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Dec 31

From the Pastor’s Desk: New Year, Fresh Start


  By the time you all are reading this, the event that is currently chasing around everyone’s social media feeds will be long since forgotten, however, right now, in this moment, it’s in the forefront of my mind. Last night, Steve Harvey, the fun-loving host of “Family Feud,” had a terrible, horrible, no good, very …

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Nov 30

From the Pastor’s Desk: Have Jesus, Will Travel


’Tis the season! (I know, most of you are filling in, “to be jolly, fa la la la” etc., and cursing me for getting it stuck in your heads. Apologies!) Alas, the Christmas season is upon us. In the coming weeks, we will be stringing up twinkle lights on our rooftops and around our Christmas …

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