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May 06

To Hope or Not to Hope

Jesus is Hope

Hopefully, that title has an easy answer for you!  But in all honesty, sometimes this world makes it really hard to exist in hope.  I’ve been thinking about this conundrum quite a bit lately, our global mindset, our attitude towards the state of the world in general, or even just our country, maybe even just …

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Mar 25

Gospel Madness


It is that time of year! March Madness! Some of you have probably seen my bracket updates on Facebook and hopefully are enjoying your own bracket madness, if college basketball is your thing. There’s one aspect of March Madness that always leaves me a bit baffled. Those first two weekends of the tournament, if you …

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Jan 20

A Day Off for Discipleship


It’s funny how sometimes our gospel lessons sync so well with what is going on in the world.  There is no greater example of this than this week, as we are in the midst of two straight weeks hearing about Jesus calling the first disciples and today marking the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. …

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