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Jun 30

Report from Synod Assembly

This year’s Synod Assembly was held June 6-7 at Messiah College. This year, Grace Lutheran was represented by Pastor Tina, Cora Sue Herbst, and Jack Warntz. There was a different focus to Synod Assembly this year, rather than spending the majority of the time on business and administration, there was a clear focus on service, …

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Jun 09

Lutherans Assemble!

2014 Lower Susquehanna Synod of Lutheran Church Assembly

Synod Assembly. It always crops up in early June, and brings with it questions and curiosities about what exactly goes on there, what do you talk about, does it really make any difference?  Well, I had the joy of spending last Friday and Saturday amongst some 400+ fellow Lutherans, and I can say with enthusiasm …

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