Ambassadors, Not Islands

Ambassadors, Not Islands

One time many years ago when we couldn’t travel I converted a spare bedroom into a ‘tropical island.’ I put cut-outs of palm trees and clouds on the pinkish walls and tried to make one area look like a sunset. I had blue towels for the water and tan ones to sit on for the sand. We even had a picnic on the floor in that room.

What a difference that one small space can make! It is as if you have brought another country or time into your home. It is as if your home became a part of the larger world outside your town or state. You imagine a place where you can just—rest.

Have you ever converted a space of your home into something new? Perhaps you’ve remodeled or made a temporary space for an office or gym or playroom. Perhaps you have a prayer closet or a corner you call your own whether it is a “she-shed” or a “man-cave.”

When you get that chance to change something, it changes you. Today I read about being Christ’s ambassadors and thought, wow, a chance to travel. Only here’s also a job we can do sheltering at home.

Christ is everywhere and belongs everywhere. And just like converting a piece of my home, we can bring a bit of heaven’s grace and glory in. The foreign land we live on is what we mistakenly call home. Our home is God’s kingdom. I think we can do more than put pretend ocean views on poster board, we can offer real views of God’s paradise from the praise on our lips right now.

We are called to reconcile the world to Christ. Being his ambassador takes a lot of diplomacy and wisdom. We forgive and we love and somehow the converting space takes place in hearts rather than houses.

As tired as we get of our remote work and staycations, we have greater work to not be remote with God or one another. We have to keep going, not heading for any real or virtual vacation to lie in the sunshine in relaxation but to follow the son in service. Imagination may a great country to visit for fun yet we are God’s ambassadors to share the real joy and treasure in Christ alone. No person is an island and we thank God for not leaving us alone in a foreign land we sometimes think is home.