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Annual Mother’s and Father’s Day Remembrance Fundraiser

The Plus is Actually a Minus

Our annual remembrances for Mother’s Day is already over, but did you know that all of the money collected goes directly to the building fund. The proceeds from the Father’s Day remembrances also go towards the building fund. As always, the recommended donation is $1, but that is only a suggestion. If you can be more generous, there is no maximum for contributions.

Why should you, you ask? Last month The Beacon reported that the building fund is in need of funding. We reported there was $74,292 in the fund. What we forgot was the minus that goes in front of that. The building fund is not an endowment, but a combination of loans and lines of credit for repairs. We have paid down some and now the figure is in the $60,000 range. We had some roof damage from Hurricane Sandy where the slate tiles meet the rubber membrane blew water up underneath that we have to repair because the plaster ceilings are all getting soaked and in some cases, coming down in chunks.

You may prefer to donate via a yellow Building Fund envelope. Yellow building fund envelopes can be picked up in the Treasurer’s office. The building fund not only keeps our roof in good repair, but goes to maintain the expensive things like the steeple and instruments, and the money often goes out in big chunks. If you are blessed with some leeway in your budget, consider a donation to the building fund. You can rest assured that the money you donate will have very visible results you can see and be proud of.