Bible Study is Starting Soon!

Bible studyMonday, March 17 from 7:00-8:30 p.m., we will be starting our Spring session of Bible study. Our topic for this session is going to be ‘Revelation and the Apocalypse in our Current Culture: From a Message of Destruction to a Message of Hope.’ Conversations will feature an overview/history of the book of Revelation, and then will be followed by a study of the book The Rapture Exposed by Barbara Rossing, where she takes an in-depth look at Rapture theology and the damage it does to Christ’s message of hope. Our sessions will also feature “special events” which will include movie nights, featuring films which have tried to give a glimmer of insight into Armageddon in our current world. Possibilities will include: Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and Wall-E, as well as clips from recent television programs which have tackled the topics as well: Terra Nova, Sleepy Hollow, and Revolution. We will also be having a special session where we will meet at an alternate time to Skype with two Lutheran pastors who are currently serving in the Middle East, so they can share their experience of how “Rapture” theology is affecting Christian relations around the world. If you are interested in attending Bible study please see Pastor Tina by March 2, so that we can get books ordered.

There will be a brief informational session during the Sunday school hour on Sunday, March 9 to discuss the schedule.