Bible Talks with Your Family

Bible Talks with Your Family

If your kids or grandkids are in the midst of doing their school work from home, they aren’t likely to respond to a “Bible study” with you. That’s why you can take some different approaches that will help you focus on faith while appreciating God’s word together.

You can use Bible stories for more than bedtime. For younger kids, you might like some of these (note that some have promotions at the beginning or ending)


Seven Christian Audio Links and Resources and a Spanish Link

Beginning Bible Videos (4 hours total)

Older kids will like some other more visual and interactive presentations:

Wall art of Jesus’ birth

Pictorial summaries of Biblical passages/books

Want something for college students and other adults in your family?

Here are some resources from the ELCA.

After reviewing some of the links above, encourage your family to work on telling some stories in the same way with audio and art and text. When you share with each other and others, these various kinds of Bible “study” let your family learn more through engaging and reflecting on what is said. These tools give you a great starting point for the Bible talks you can have with your family.