Mission & Stewardship

Calabar Medical Mission Report: October 6-10, 2014

Calabar Mission Pix 1695A team of doctors provided treatment and surgeries during the one-week Calabar mission. In the December 2014 issue of The Beacon, we printed a thank-you letter with a couple pictures from the trip. This issue includes more pictures provided by Dr. Asuquo N. Inyang, the Calabar Medical Mission 2014 Team Leader. Dr. Inyang also submitted an in-depth report on his trip. We would like to present you with the highlights of his report from this mission that Grace Lutheran helped to support.

  • I was called by Mrs. Atai Nyambi on behalf of Efik National Association, Inc (ENA) to lead a medical mission to Calabar in 2014. Coincidentally, when the call came through, I was reaching to pick the phone to call on the ENA to ask when the next medical mission will happen, and if I could join them for the mission. From that moment onwards, I felt this was not just a mere co-incidence, but rather I felt this was God-inspired, and I felt empowered, strengthened and emboldened for the mission.
  • Calabar Mission Pix 2259Liaison with Cross River State Government (CRSG) of Nigeria: Since we particularly wanted to engage the government, we decided to involve the government in our plans. Starting in September 2013, every meeting agenda included an update on the government.
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment: With assistance from Dr. Ekopimo Ibia, and Mr. Emmanuel Nsemoh of ENA, inc., we solicited assistance from various companies, institutions, and individuals to obtain support , not only in the form of medical hardware and supplies, but also in apparels, foot wear, toys, books, and journals to be used as part of the community outreach during the mission. All the items collected were carefully collated, and diligently labeled, and inventory of the items were sent to ENA, and Pro-Health International who were our local partners for the mission.
  • Calabar Mission Pix 2139Here is a list of the donors for the mission- Wellspan Health, Boehringer Ingelheim, Americares, MAP/ Gems International, World Surgical Foundation, Casa Corazon, Grace Lutheran Church of Red Lion, Flying Feet, Heather Tucker, Leonie Campbell, Brian Pettiford, Brian Flowers, Denise Kenna, Ashley Keeton, Maggie Preston, Vernon Preston, Anne Parson, Lou Salazar, Adam Plowman, Chester Wei, ToNhu Vu and Wellspan Pain Management Center, York Hospital Cardiac Surgery OR personnel, York Hospital Electro-Physiology lab personnel, York Hospital OR personnel (most especially the “green team-Tammy and Mary-Ann”) who would not let materials go to waste, the York Hospital Short Stay Unit personnel who kept giving me things for the mission till the very last minute, the AAY staff – Kelly, Cathy, Emily, and Andrea.
  • Between news of possible danger from terrorists and kidnappers, to the Ebola outbreak that touched Nigeria, volunteers were scared off in droves. From the initial size of 70 people, the team dwindled to six people who made it from North America to Nigeria, and then 5 people made it to Calabar (one doctor had fallen ill while travelling).
  • Calabar Mission Pix 2160Women and Children Hospital: When Mr. Nyambi complained he was no longer hearing from his contacts in CRSG, I asked Dr. Ibanga to unleash our Plan B. Iko got Mrs. Onari Duke at very short notice, to provide the Women and Children Hospital for our use. She obliged, and worked frantically and tirelessly, round the clock in the course of only a few days to get the hospital ready for us, and also prepared the Guest House located next door to the Hospital for our lodging.
  • Mr. Nsemoh and the local ENA officials advertised the mission on radio and television the week before our arrival, publicizing the different sites, and sensitizing the population for the mission.
  • When the mission was fully in session, there were large crowds outside, they were very civil and well behaved, and were being seen by doctors very expeditiously. The ORs, Surgical Review, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Counseling, Pharmacy, Laboratory were all fully operational.
  • Grand Total of all patients treated during the mission: 2531. Total number of eye glasses dispensed: 377. Grand Total of Surgeries Performed: 79