Praying Together with Grace

One of the things someone encouraged me to do was to write a prayer journal. This is one thing that can be done with the family instead of a solitary activity. You can even reach out online or by text to your distanced family and friends to make a book of prayers together. In the book of Lamentations, prayers were made with each letter of the alphabet. This form of poem prayer is called an acrostic. It could become a game with people adding one word or phrase for the next letter. What is an example Read more […]

Work to be Done

This is the perfect time to do a spring cleaning or to binge-watch that favorite show or to finish that to-do list. Or not. Sometimes it is good to be still and know God is God. To let him fight for us. There can this sense of malaise (or ironically fatigue) that can come from too much free time. It can be hard to stay focused and we can actually isolate ourselves further into our own thoughts and cares. We can let the news affect and chip away at our faith. Today I read the story before Read more […]

Virtual Care Package

You and your family are looking for things to do. You can’t go to visit others. But you can still connect. How? You can make a list of general items and send instructions to someone on how to use them for a “virtual care package.” If you could bring something to someone, what would it be? It might be food, toys, books, and other items. Since right now you might not be able to get together for playdates, have your friends gather items they have and then follow the instructions. You can Read more […]

“Breath Prayers for Anxious Times” by Sarah Bessy

We invite you to try out different styles of praying and see how the Holy Spirit is speaking to you. Try “breath prayers”, explained by Sarah Bessy, to learn more about prayer that incorporates the calming practice of slow breathing. Read more […]