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Church Transition Update

Grace Lutheran's Newsletter, 'The Beacon,' August 2016, page 1
Grace Lutheran’s Newsletter, ‘The Beacon,’ August 2016, page 1

As we enter into the business of searching for a new pastor, I would like to keep you as up-to-date on the process as I can. Please understand that although we just went through this process about four years ago, I – like most of you – was not involved in the details. Now that I am closer to the process, I want to share where we are with all of you.
As you know, Council had two special meetings this past week that dealt with issues involving the transition process. On Sunday, July 24, following the morning service, Council met with Pastor Tina to review two documents required by the synod prior to her departure.

The first document was a Covenant of Closure, which explains the guidelines for the relationship of a congregation and former pastor. It basically states that we, as a congregation, acknowledge we no longer will rely on or request pastoral service from the departed minister and also that the departed minister will no longer serve this congregation. If you are interested in the wording and details, please see me and I will obtain a copy for you.

The second document was an Exit Evaluation Form, which is required of an outgoing minister to complete and then review with the congregation council. This document includes the insights and evaluations of the congregation and can be helpful to us as a congregation and to candidates for call. Again, if you would like a copy of this document, please see me and I will make a copy available to you.

Following our ‘Farewell Send Off’ for Pastor Tina, our Nominating Committee will begin the task of soliciting prospective Call Committee members. The nominating committee will propose a slate of six names at a special meeting of the congregation. At that time, additional nominations will be accepted from the floor. A special meeting will be held approximately two weeks later for the purpose of electing the call committee. Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at that meeting also, just prior to the election. Nominees must have agreed to serve. I would also like to point out that the members of the Call Committee will have a very important service to perform for our church. Time and dedication to this committee will be very important and required.

If you are interested in serving on the Call Committee and want to be considered, please make yourself known to one of the Nominating Committee members. They are as follows: Ron Golden, Sandi Fishel, Jay Keener, Regina Thompson, Tammy Golden, and Gary Krout. Tuesday evening, Council met with the Rev. Tom McKee, assistant to the bishop, and the Rev. Edward Robbins, Dean of the Southern York District. The purpose was to instruct our council on the next steps toward replacing our pastor and answer questions about the coming process. Your council ended up obtaining the services of the Rev. Edward Robbins to be our Interim Pastor, with a starting date in early September. The Rev. Tom McKee will serve as our Dean. We will be served by supply pastors throughout the month of August. More details will be forthcoming.

—Lin Rot, Council President