Connections Matter

Connections Matter

It’s been interesting to see what other churches are doing at this time of social distancing. Some are posting videos to Facebook like Grace, others are holding special together times for children’s sermons or contests for families such as “Silly sock day.” There are camps providing ideas for families at home and even offering exercises on Zoom to work out with kids. What ideas have you seen out there for something we could do as a church? As a family?

It gives you hope and makes you curious about how kids are handling this time. I’m not sure whether we should feel relieved if they see this time as a vacation though if the shelter at home time shows us that we weren’t focused on the important things before this.

There are some families too in which this is not an easy time. We need to keep them in prayer and remind them they are not alone.

There are resources to help us all.  

  • Texting 741741 will connect you to a crisis hotline with a counselor.
  • The Metropolitan New York Lutheran Synod developed an app for children to learn about faith
  • Our Lower Susquehanna Lutheran Synod allows you to light a virtual candle for a prayer request

If you know of a family that has a need that Grace Lutheran may address such as information about our Food Pantry or Community Reach, please call the office at 717-244-5987 so that we can make connections that make a difference in people’s lives.

God bless!