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Cookie Jar Project


Cookie-JarOver the last month, I have made announcements about Project Cookie Jar, which is the purchase of Girl Scout cookies for a troop’s chosen charity. My daughter Amy’s Daisy Girl Scout troop chose Grace Lutheran’s food pantry to be the recipient of our donated cookies.

On Sunday February 16, we reached our goal of 100 packages of cookies. Thank you to all who have contributed!

We’d like to keep this going so that EVERY food distribution box has a package of Girl Scout cookies. Our faithful volunteers pack between 275-300 food boxes for each pantry distribution. So, from now until March 9 (Girl Scout Sunday), I will continue to take donations for the troop to purchase packages of cookies. Each package is $4.

Our Daisy troop will be helping the food pantry volunteers pack the boxes on Saturday March 22.

Please contact me with any questions at
(717) 654-9872. Thank you for your continued support!

Jennifer Jerrard,Troop Leader
Daisy Girl Scout Troop #20416