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Family Summer Sunday School

childrens ministriesSince Family Summer Sunday School is going Hollywood beginning in July, we will need some help with our props. We will need swords, helmets, seven of those plastic horns that people often blow at baseball games, a boat/ark, a whale, stuffed animals( 2 of each kind!), baskets, a sling shot, a stuffed dove and a cloud on a stick. If you have any of these things, please notify Ellen Warntz before our July 7 start up. The boat/ark can be a row boat or Boston whaler on a trailer so that we can use a ramp to climb up to the “ark”. We will need it for July 21 and July 28, and we will probably keep it at church in the block building.

Remember, we will begin making our costumes and props at the first Sunday meeting which is July 7. It is our hope that the church will provide a large t-shirt for every child that will be decorated for use each Sunday. ‘The Battle of Jericho’ will be the first production on the lawn. Mark your calendars now for a morning of fun and excitement on July 14!