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Food Pantry Ministry: Little Miracles…Big Blessings

toy castleLittle Miracles… Big Blessings: For those of you who do not volunteer for food distribution, you are missing an awesome opportunity to see God’s hands at work. On Monday, June 9, we had many little miracles, but here are just three of them for your enjoyment.

About half way through the morning, we observed a little boy carrying a big plastic castle in his arms. Ellen went over to apologize to the mother that we did not have the characters that went with the castle. The lady looked at Ellen with a big smile and said, “You don’t understand! We have all of the characters but this castle costs fifty dollars and we could not afford to buy it.” Needless to say, the smile on the child’s face was all the thanks we needed.

Even later in the morning, a mother and her four-year old daughter were able to find Dora’s backpack with all of the parts except for the Map. Later, as Ellen was re-arranging things in another part of the sanctuary, she found the Map! She prayed that the mother had not left the church, and sure enough, they were still in the welcome center waiting for their number to be called.

Food Pantry Ministry
Finally, our third miracle occurred at the very end of food distribution… while we were packing up the left-overs. A young girl came into the sanctuary and begged us not to pack up yet so that she could look for some clothing. Believe it or not, after over 200 people before her had picked through the piles, the girl found five sets of scrubs in her size. Here comes the good part. She just got a job the week before taking care of a gentleman, and she needed scrubs for her new job. It seems that, no matter when our clients enter the sanctuary, there is always something inside that exactly suits their needs. So, while they receive blessings above their expectations, we get to witness the miracles and love of God at every distribution.

Why don’t you consider volunteering at the next distribution? The good our church does for those in need makes the effort worth the while. Bring your children to see how doing God’s work can really change someone’s life, like those mentioned above.