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Food Pantry Ministry: Some Things Just Don’t Add Up!

VolunteerAs you are all aware, Grace Lutheran Food Pantry was awarded ten thousand dollars by Thrivent. This was in response to our congregation raising an additional twenty thousand dollars to match their challenge. On paper this looks fantastic…and it is, but dollars don’t pack boxes or set up the sanctuary or help to distribute food boxes to our clients. Just because we have additional funds to purchase food doesn’t mean that our job is finished.

Without your help, the money is only half of the equation. On May 17, our first packing date, the number of volunteers was small. Packing requires only the ability to push a shopping cart around in a big circle while someone loads boxes with food. Parents with small children tell us that this is a wonderful opportunity to show their children the fulfilling feeling that comes from helping others. Helping to set up the sanctuary requires the ability to fold and stack clothing, something that most of us do every day or at least on wash day! You even get a great lunch when you volunteer for this event.
Food Pantry Ministry
Assisting on distribution day might require you to work in the alley during all kinds of weather, but there are places inside the sanctuary that truly need your kindness and compassion as we assist our clients to “shop” for things displayed there. If you remember Jesus’ words from the Bible, he never said to his followers, “Don’t forget to put your money in the plate.” He constantly demanded that they feed his people, clothe his people, and love his people. If you want to feel excited about your faith, consider helping the Food Pantry not just with your generous donations, but with a generous donation of your time.

Example: $ plus 0 = only financial solvency

$ plus YOU = success, blessings, and a great big, “Thank You,” from God