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Musical Notes: Mr. Mark Wesling in a Classical Guitar Concert

“When in our music God is glorified…”

We begin another series of Sunday concerts for everyone to enjoy.  All concerts are at 3:00 p.m., and are free, with refreshments following each performance.  Please plan to attend any or all of the musical presentations.  Jeffrey works very hard to provide us with this high level of entertainment.  If you would like to sponsor one or more of Grace Lutheran’s Sunday afternoon concerts, contact Jeffrey.

Mark WeslingOn July 7, Grace Lutheran Music is proud to present Mark Wesling, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, who has been living and making music in Central Pennsylvania since 1996.  He teaches classic, acoustic and electric guitar lessons from his studios in Hershey and York, PA.  Mark earned his BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) from the Ohio State University and performs throughout Pennsylvania for weddings, corporate events, festivals and concerts and composes and publishes music for the guitar. Mark is also an active artist who works with oils and watercolor, and his work has found homes in private collections throughout the United States.