Grace Lutheran’s newsletter, The Beacon, is published monthly and sent out by email to all our email subscribers (subscribe below). Printed copies of The Beacon can be picked up in our church’s Welcome Center by the doors to the Sanctuary and in the Spirit Cellar by the message board.

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The Beacon, March 2020, front page
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Submission Guidelines

We welcome all submissions to the newsletter. The newsletter is a great place to ask for help, publicize an event you are planning in the church, tell people about something you or your family is doing, thank members, celebrate how God is working in your life… the possibilities are endless! If you would like to submit to the newsletter or help in any way contact our editor using our Contact Form or drop off your submission in the church mailbox labeled “newsletter”, located in the main entrance hallway. The deadline for submission is the 20th of the preceeding month.

Grace Lutheran’s monthly newsletter The Beacon was established in September 2012.

Currently The Beacon is brought to you by:

Jennifer Rudolf, Editor/Staff Writer
Richard Rhine, Proofreader
Dee Kerr, Proofreader
Ottilie Grim, Copy Proofreader