Is it any coincidence that prays and praise sound the same? I wonder if that, in the end, is what happens as we grow closer to God. The two words don’t just sound the same, they are the same. As our lives are refined like silver, an interesting thing that happens is that we get a visible reminder with our silver hair. Our lives are being refined not necessarily redefined.  We live a glorious life in him.

We start our faith lives asking how to pray and what to pray. We end knowing why we pray. The spirit intercedes when we have no words and we learn finally that prayers are not just words. We go beyond grammar and rules like when and where we pray to praise. We “do” prayers. We do love — to praise him.

Look at this beautiful world today. Watch in wonder. Your prayers are answered by God’s unfailing love. You have cried and God hears.  Jesus has promised not to leave you orphaned. He lives in us all.

Perhaps you need to lift your head when is grey again outside. Even if grey is a dull silver we need to be reminded that it is still precious and valuable as golden sunshine.  Praise is even more needed when it is cool in May and we expected warmth.

Find some things that bring you peace and joy. They are merely glimpses of God’s greater peace and joy. They will help all the ways we pray praise to God.

Here are silver linings today to get you started:

Moms sing to kids

An office wedding

Child shopping spree