Mission & Stewardship

‘Strangers in Kenya’ on a California Adventure

Editor’s note: Every month we will have news from the Murphy family. Ryan’s blog is called ‘Strangers in Kenya.’ Go to our website for the latest news: www.gracelutheran.com. The following is Ryan’s submission for October.

Heather had a mini-meltdown last night. She was looking over our schedule for the next 10 weeks (anxious to set up some lunch dates with friends) and was having a hard time finding any daylight. This is a good problem to have though. With dozens of supporters to catch up with after more than two years of having been away in Kenya, and a handful of churches to visit and thank for their faithful and generous support of our work, we have been blessed with a wonderfully full schedule here during home assignment. Don’t worry though, Heather’s fully recovered and doing fine.

Our boys are enrolled at public school (Bay Park Elementary) two blocks from our house. This is the same school where Micah went in 2010, where scores of other missionary children from our sending church, CEBC, have also attended through the years. We had a tearless first week, and they seem to be adjusting very well. This is a HUGE praise for us as we juggle ministry and family. They are a bit “homesick” for Africa though.
Besides visiting with supporters and family and being involved with numerous Bible studies, we’re also attending an Advanced Placement Institute for the Advanced Placement courses we’ll be teaching at Rift Valley Academy when we return. Ryan is continuing towards a chaplaincy degree at Bethel Seminary by taking another class this fall. That’s our life in a nutshell. On to the….

Prayer requests…
*Times of mutual encouragement between us and our family/supporters during home assignment
*Grace and wisdom for our substitutes at RVA while we are gone during this fall
*To return to 100% monthly support so we can return to Kenya in December. We’re at 90% of our pledged amount currently.
*Opportunities to speak of the goodness of God with folks in America
*Rest and preparation to fuel our next three years of service in Africa
Thanks for your prayers during this interesting phase of life. We also appreciate everyone who has continued to support us financially during home assignment. Life in America isn’t cheap, and we really appreciate how you’ve helped us during these important five months.