The blessings in a rainy and cool May have been to keep us inside more than we might have liked. In God’s mercy he sometimes cares for us unexpected ways. We crave sunshine and warmth as a result, perhaps in the long run reminding us of God’s light and the fire of the Holy Spirit. God brings us closer in all ways. On this rainy day as I write, my prayers are for those who are outside. Whether they have lost their homes due to flooding or cyclones, I am very aware of the blessings of being Read more […]

The Church Has Left the Building

The Church Has Left the Building. There was this movement a few years ago that would take a day of worship and make it an active community outreach. Instead of a worship service, it was service as worship. We would do all kinds of things. For the church I was at then, there were visits to nursing homes to share music, cookies to deliver to first responders, care of the trails of the local park by cutting branches and pulling invasive weeds, painting fire hydrants, and cleaning the trash along Read more […]

Work to be Done

This is the perfect time to do a spring cleaning or to binge-watch that favorite show or to finish that to-do list. Or not. Sometimes it is good to be still and know God is God. To let him fight for us. There can this sense of malaise (or ironically fatigue) that can come from too much free time. It can be hard to stay focused and we can actually isolate ourselves further into our own thoughts and cares. We can let the news affect and chip away at our faith. Today I read the story before Read more […]